Sunday, May 2, 2010


It's not worth apologizing for. You might try. But to no avail. The damage has been done. It's too late.
You've made the mistake. Whether consciously or not. There isn't anything you can do at this point in time to turn that around.
You should've thought of it before. That big mouth of yours is always ahead of your brain. Well, you've done it this time. Regret it, don't you?
Well, that's how it's going to be hereon forward.
So, either you sit in that dark, damp alley corner all your life, dwelling on your mistake.
Or you forget about it, ask for repentance, whether or not it is guaranteed, and move on.

But wait...
Is there hope?

Yes... That repentance. That forgiveness. It might come.
Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. Maybe in a few months.
Maybe when you log onto your email account sitting comfortably on your living room couch as your offsprings gather around you for story time.
But wait, it. will. come.
Patience... is the key.
You've done what you could do on your part.
You asked for forgiveness.
You've paid the debt for your mistake.
Move on.
I say, Move. On.
The price was yours to pay.
Move. On.