Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I barely ever stumble over to my blog and decide to write something. Why do people like what I write? Oh, yes, the secret weapon. It's really very simple. A full stop. Yeah, you heard me correctly, a full stop. No emotions. Only does text convey emotions when it does so on its own, without the basic need or requirement of assistance of emotions. They just add the childish look. No Offence. Then the few-worded sentences with full stops at the end. Try keeping it simple. Give it the professional look. Standard English is the way to go.

A blogpost.

God, I blog too much. Way too much. Just a tad more than too much. You know when in cartoons like tom and jerry the mercury in the mercury-in-glass thermometer over-expands and breaks out right through the top, the screen goes red and the sound of a train's 'everyone's-aboard-and-we're-set-to-depart' horn plays in the background? Yeah, well it's kind of like those moments. I should seriously cut down.