Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lamentines Day.

The fourteenth of February.
Many people all over the world got up today, in anxiety and enthusiasm, for what might turn out to be a turning point in their bright social lives.
For me, a teeny tiny insignificant microscopic microorganism on the face of this seemingly endless earth, however, the situation was different.
It was one of those usual mornings, where sleep felt better than anything else. A morning where mom had to come into the room and slap me on the face to get me up for school in the morning. A typical February morning.

The uproar in the school bus was an entirely separate chaotic mess.
Students all over the place, chitter-chatter, paper balls in mid air, valentine cards being exchanged by the little brothers and sisters or the actual targeted, just because they're too afraid to say it face-to-face.

Valentines Day is for the afraid. The terrified. The ones who hide from life itself. If you've got the guts, go ahead and shout it out loud! Let the world know! What good does giving it all your best on a card you refuse to sign, adding an anonymous 'X' instead, which is bound to transform to a paper airplane in the next few minutes?

And why a specific day for it? If you truly love someone, go on and say it every day of their life. You'll get a lot more smiles in return and actually find yourself useful.

Oh, and Olayan launched a new tea brand, Tetley, so my dad say's were moving on to it. Farewell, Lipton.


  1. But man, Lipton was like, apparently Lajawab.

    I like the idea of transforming Valentine cards into paper planes. We usually do that with school letters.

    Red is also the colour of a clown's shoes and his pompy nose. Yay.

  2. And Tetley is a British brand, proudly owned by Tata Group, India. :)

  3. Wow. Loved reading it especially the part about how you were woken up that day :D

    And I like the way you put it that it's just a day for the terrified.