Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yes Please, Boys.

So we had our first exam today.

Not that any of them matter, as all that we're concerned about are the external ones, but, just because it wasn't 'me' to not do so, I studied some bit anyway, and it made it all the worse.

So I arrive at school, finally once the bus driver has decided to eventually bring the bus to a halt so kids can actually get off, only to find out I'm sitting with a bunch of other wanted-list targeted criminals outdoors for the exam. Yes, it was chilling, in fact, literally freezing. For a moment there, I began questioning the senses of the school management.

But only until some even greater bad news descended upon me, which ruined the whole thinking-school-to-be-dumb scenario. He comes up to where we were supposed to be seated, in his favorite Black shirt and grey suit outfit combination, slightly stretching at the edges where his physique sometimes promotes thinking of him as Wall-E, exclaiming, "Yes please boys, take your seats!". I begin cursing my fellow convicts whose actions I blame for his presence.

Anyway, not that it affected me. Like I said, I don't cheat, and apparently don't feel the need for it either.

But wait, there was more.

The 'seat' I was assigned was right next to bunch of water pipes, thick and thin, pretty much of all sizes. Right below it was an electric motor. So you can pretty much imagine what my day went by like. If there was any advantage, it was that every time that motor switched on, reminded me of the time remaining. I believe it was a 15-20 min duration.

Regardless, I tried to concentrate on the crisis Naeem had prepared for us.

I'll probably bring along gloves tomorrow.

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